Serious games

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SERIOUS GAMES : effective management games in companies

The definition of Serious Games can be likened to games that have a goal of learning or thinking .

It should be known that the game is a tool of pedagogy of the most effective. What is valid for discoveries when we are children is also valid for adult games.

A game is a goal to achieve (victory), standards and limits to be respected (the rules of the game), a line manager strong> (facilitators and referees), and a detailed assessment (the final score). We can equate the game to a project to achieve in a limited time, with his team (his teammates). With the difference that the game is fun, which turns the constraint into a challenge, a challenge to succeed !

At A.I.M. Events, we are creative. We start from an idea, an objective, to create you tailor-made the ideal game . It can be a role play , a connected game , a full size board game , an educational mini-game … We choose together a support to allow you to play, but especially to learn. Learn to manage , develop your leadership , delegate to your colleagues, communicate with your team … and why not think? Reflect on a new business strategy, the best solution to a current problem, opportunities to improve internal relationships …

We are game specialists , and we are at your disposal to help you succeed in your projects .

Serious game

Some examples

A software company wanted to invite customers and prospects to discover its new management tools . To make the day attractive, we suggested that she organize a big escape game . The goal was to find a treasure seeker mysteriously gone by tracing his last hours. For this, guests had access to all the digital life of the missing : CRM, laptop, smartphone, and even his office and printer. In short, to play, the teams had to use the management software of the editor, and discover all the features and new features.
A completely diverted way to train its customers to its products, under cover of a fun and captivating game!

One of the subsidiaries of a large French group called on us in the context of an impending call for projects. The objective was to study a new region to know each commune, with precise technical indications and the number of inhabitants. In the morning, the communication officer first approached the theoretical aspect of the project. Then in the afternoon we put into play all the elements to learn.

Serious Games

We have reproduced on a scale all the municipalities of the region, on a few square meters of garden, symbolized by markers. And we asked each team to participate in a relay race with the aim of finding the cities and towns corresponding to the claims.
Very quickly, the participants got into the game, and while spending an intense moment of competition and cohesion , they learned a maximum of elements necessary for their commercial development on the new region. At the end of the day they left with a recap book both fun and useful.
An unusual way to apprehend a business project .