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INCENTIVE : leisure activities for companies

The translation of « incentive » from English to French is quite telling: « motivation ».

So if we have to give a definition of incentive , or rather incentive activity , this would be an activity chosen specifically to motivate your team .

When you organize an incentive trip or an incentive seminar , you reward your employees and motivate for the coming months. Also it is important to choose the activities for your group. Some seek self-transcendence, others relax, while still others want thrills. You have to observe everyone’s tastes and find original outings.

We propose to help you in this task to guarantee you efficiency and the satisfaction of your employees .

Incentive Virtual reality
Incentive drone piloting

Together we study your specifications, your logistical constraints and the profile of the participants. We offer you several types of activities (sports, mechanical, cultural, gourmet …) adapted to your group and the region in which you stay. When you have chosen the perfect incentive animation, we will use our database to find you the ideal provider, at competitive prices .

Call on A.I.M. Events for an incentive service is calling on a gaming and business professional . When we can not do the activities ourselves, we make a point of choosing carefully our partners. We also have access to some privileges such as privatization of a kart track or the customization of an unusual tour.

Finally, at A.I.M. Events we are passionate about new technologies. Drones, virtual reality, robots, video games, connected objects of all kinds … If you are looking for animations 2.0 that will transport you in the future think of us !