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A.I.M. Events are Integration and Motivation Activities, which will enable you to reach your goals.
We proceed in 5 steps.

Phase 1, you contact us with a problem of management.
« I have to boost my teams for the new season ». « I just hired new members who can not fit into the team ». « My people have to share the vision of the company, but they only see each other once a year ». « I need my teams to learn how to work hand in hand » … Or simply, « I want to reward my employees ».

With this goal in mind, we move to phase 2, the specifications. We take into account all your constraints (schedules, locations, budget …) to propose a tailor-made activity.

We are able to meet real technical challenges: explore an entire region in just 3 hours, organize a treasure hunt for 400 people, or offer you an orienteering race … at night! Nothing stops us, and the difficulty pushes us to creativity.

Phase 3, we offer a game that will meet all your expectations. Since it’s a tailor-made game, it’s 100% customizable. So you can take the opportunity to add a corporate touch that will strengthen your corporate culture and federate your employees.

From the simple logo displayed on a roadbook, to the annual corporate competition, we can make your team building useful. We can use your own products to play. We can link the animation team building to your meeting objectives. We can integrate activities into diffuse throughout your seminar. We can decide together on a theme, a common thread …
Phase 4 is the animation of the game. Here again we make a point of being efficient. The animators are all trained in team building, they guarantee the surpassing of the group and bring this fun and quirky touch that participants need to let go.

Of course all our activities are designed to be accessible to all, with a balance between competition and cohesion. Our animators adapt to all audiences. And they are spread over the various events according to their skills (professional sportsmen, seasoned animators, speakers, actors, musicians …).

The last phase, which is just as important, are the memories. For each service, we include elements of souvenirs that can be reused throughout the year in the company. Again, so that the game you are going to participate in is as profitable as possible in the medium to long term.

The memories are of course translated by photos and videos taken by us. They are included in the overall price, in “amateur” version (“professional photographer” version in addition). But we also try to include in each game a maximum of collaborative works. They are the ones that remain in the memories of employees, and sometimes even, some are exposed all year at the office!

With a budget starting from 1000 euros, the companies that call on us will invest in the human. They will be able to offer their teams a real moment of « fun », which will strengthen the cohesion of the group. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to keep your society healthy, so if you are participating in a rally, treasure hunt or Olympiad, you can help make your employees happy and united, why wait, take the plunge and call us!