Les Olympic G'AIM

Olympiads for business

What is the corporate Olympiads ? What is OLYMPIC G’AIM?

Like the Olympic Games, these corporate Olympiads allow you to face through competition values, but also cohesion and team spirit.

The format is always the same: teams of 5 to 10 people who will face other teams face-to-face on several events. This team building activity has the specificity of being very lively, since each event is led by a professional facilitator who will boost the participants and push them to surpass themselves.

The bottom, on the other hand, can be very varied. The challenges to be met can be sports and physical, but also cultural and artistic, and why not culinary or totally unusual? The key is to work as a team, to intelligently distribute the challenges, to remain welded, and thus bring the victory to your teammates!

So if you are looking for a very dynamic activity, where all groups meet, provoke, compete, in joy and laughter, choose OLYMPIC G’AIM!