Les Citad'AIM

Rallies of all kinds in towns and villages

What is a Rally in a city or village? What is CITAD’AIM?

A rally is a team building game that takes place in a limited territory. It can be at the scale of a small picturesque village, a big electrifying city, or even an entire region.

Whether you opt for a pedestrian rally or a motorized rally, the format will be similar. Your group will be divided into small teams of about ten people, and each team will follow what is called a « roadbook ». This logbook will allow him to find his way around the space and find the « check points », the checkpoints. At each checkpoint, a challenge. Cultural, artistic, sports, gourmet … The whole thing is to succeed this challenge to get a maximum of points.

Rallies allow each « team » to spend a few hours together to discover a city or a village in an extraordinary way, to meet the locals and discover the secrets of a territory …

So do not hesitate: opt for the CITAD’AIM Rally!